I'm goin' to Kansas City, Kansas City here I come

Just seven weeks until my baseball glove artwork makes its museum debut.

I’ve got some butterflies. A big to-do list. And a smile from ear to ear.

The Negro Leagues Baseball Museum in Kansas City is presenting my baseball glove art as part of a new exhibit opening in May.

“Beisbol” will focus on Latin American baseball and its influence on the game in the U.S., including the Negro Leagues. It's a big story that I'm thrilled to have a role in helping to tell. After its KC debut the exhibit will travel the country for five years.

But I can’t pull back the curtain on the art just yet -- it will be unveiled at the special Opening Night reception at the Museum on May 15. (Hint: Become a Museum member to get an invite!)

The player I focused on was a Cuban star who also played in the Negro Leagues.

His is an amazing story that many fans may not be familiar with, which is why I wanted to create this work -- on a glove from his playing era, it includes a portrait and career highlights plus some flair to hint at the lively Latin approach to the game.

Ideally the glove painting will invite curiosity about this player and give a glimpse of his impact on the game.

Additionally, plans are being made to present other baseball glove paintings of mine in the ‘Beisbol’ exhibit -- a “mini-show” within the exhibit featuring paintings of a few players touched by the Latin leagues experience.

This is where some of the butterflies and big to-do list come in.

And the smile from ear to ear -- that comes from this opportunity the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum has presented, fulfilling a number of goals for this path I’m on.

As I make my way towards that plane trip in a month and a half, I’ll be sharing some of the process and progress along the way. Should be quite a ride.

Kansas City, Kansas City here I come...


photo by ImaginaryGirl