Welcome Sports Collectors Daily Readers

Thanks for coming over to see more of the baseball memories I'm creating on classic gloves.

Available gloves are in my Gallery Shop.

I create custom order Painted Gloves, too. Info here.

Gallery Shop and Custom Ordering prices typically range from $2000-$3500 for a Painted Glove depending upon a number of factors including design complexity, number of portraits and rarity of glove.

All prices include FREE shipping and NO sales tax for U.S. deliveries. Your Painted Glove will arrive in an archival museum gift box with display stand (or framed. See specific glove for details.)


For questions or inquires, please contact me.

I appreciate your interest and welcome your thoughts! Best,


P.S., the latest news from my studio can be found in my Fall "Dugout Dispatch" newsletter and the Spring 2015 edition.