Glove Art Features Don Larsen's Perfect Game in '56 World Series

60th Anniversary of Larsen's Gem Commemorated with Baseball Glove Painting


On October 8, 1956, in Game 5 of the World Series at Yankee Stadium, Don Larsen threw a Perfect Game against the Brooklyn Dodgers, winning 2-0.

At the time, it was the first Perfect Game thrown in 34 years.

It has been immortalized by the famous image of Yogi Berra jumping into Larsen's arms in celebration after the game.

I've created my own take on the significant event using two gloves, Don Larsen and Yogi Berra signature models.

The artwork features details of Mickey Mantle's home run and outfield catch, Yankee Stadium, the scoreboard as it appeared for the last pitch and Larsen throwing the first pitch.

This painting is in the collection of The National Pastime Museum and was unveiled on October 7, 2016, on the eve of the 60th Anniversary of the Perfect Game.

More details and images to come.

This Glove art is sold.

It's among nearly two-dozen painted gloves created over the years that have been collected into this portfolio book, "Sean Kane Baseball Art", Available HERE.


Sean Kane Baseball Art: Paintings of Ballpark Heroes on Classic Baseball Gloves

Sean Kane Baseball Art: Paintings of Ballpark Heroes on Classic Baseball Gloves

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Painted glove artwork by Sean Kane is in the collection of museums, private collections and has been commissioned by the Philadelphia Phillies and Milwaukee Brewers Fantasy Camp. His work has been recognized by the National Art Museum of Sport and featured on and MLB Network Radio.

Baseball Glove Art featuring 'Bucketfoot' Al Simmons

Hall of Fame Slugger Simmons Portrayed on Vintage Glove


This painting of Aloysious Simmons, one of the best hitters of the live-ball era, has been acquired by The National Pastime Museum.

Simmons was part of the dominant Philadelphia Athletics teams that won the A.L pennant in 1929 and World Series in 1930 and 1931. He was a star outfielder for a total of seven teams from 1924-1944.


An antique baseball glove from the 1930s, similar in style to what Al Simmons wore in the outfield during that era, was used for this painting.


Simmons won the batting title in 1930, batting .381 and in 1931, batting .390. At the time of his induction into the Hall of Fame in 1953, he had the most hits by any A.L. right-handed batter in history with 2831.


Born in Milwaukee, Simmons went on to collect a .334 lifetime average with 2927 hits and 307 home runs. The position of his feet while batting earned him the nickname "Bucketfoot Al".

Sean Kane's baseball glove art has been featured on NBC,, MLB Network Radio, and is in the collection of the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum and private collections across the country.  

Inquires about paintings and commissioning glove artworks are welcome. Please contact or telephone 519-836-5647.

Catching "Casey at the Bat" for the National Pastime Museum

Vintage Catcher Mitts Capture View of Famous Poem

The one integral player not mentioned in "Casey at the Bat" is the catcher, receiver of the three strikes that got by Mighty Casey.

This visual interpretation of the poem addresses that omission.


At the time of the poem's publication in the 1880's, gloves were just beginning to be standard equipment on the field.

A player behind the plate may have only had a modified work glove to protect himself.


A generation later, the 1910's, when catchers wore big mitts and 'Casey' was still popularly performed on stage and radio -- and just after publication of a sequel to the famous poem in which Casey gets his revenge -- is the setting for this triptych.


The three, century-old gloves used in the artwork help transport us to that era while reminding us of the presence behind the plate catching "Casey at the Bat".

This baseball glove painting is in the collection of The National Pastime Museum, an online museum based on a private collection of baseball artifacts.

Interested in adding a glove painting to your collection or giving as a gift? I can create custom baseball glove artwork.  Just Let Me Know.

Sean Kane's painted baseball glove art has been exhibited at the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum in Kansas City and has been the subject of a solo gallery show in New York City, and is in private collections across the U.S.

His glove paintings have been featured on, NBC, and MLB Network Radio.

Sean has been a professional artist for over 20 years and a baseball fan since he was old enough to wear his dad's old mitt.  More info >