Dizzy Dean Baseball Glove Artwork Enters Hall of Fame's Permanent Collection

Fine Art Baseball Mitt by Artist Sean Kane Makes the Team at Cooperstown Museum


Dizzy to Cooperstown

My artwork featuring Hall of Fame pitcher "Dizzy" Dean on a hand-painted, vintage baseball glove is now part of the collection at The National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum.

The painting was voted into the Baseball Hall of Fame collection by their Acquisitions Committee in early 2019. It was presented to Hall of Fame president Jeff Idelson in March.

Sean Kane and Hall of Fame president, Jeff Idelson, with Dizzy Dean painted glove artwork.

Sean Kane and Hall of Fame president, Jeff Idelson, with Dizzy Dean painted glove artwork.

Glove as Canvas

The artwork is a painted 1930's era Spalding baseball glove highlighting the eccentric, colorful Hall of Fame pitcher and ace of the St. Louis Cardinals staff from 1930-37. The "Gashouse Gang" won the 1934 World Series during Dizzy's MVP year.


Hall of Fame Art Collection

The Dean painted glove joins approximately 1700 works of art in The Hall of Fame's collection, which began when the museum was founded in 1936 and includes works by Norman Rockwell and Andy Warhol.


The Hall of Fame acquires "works of art that contribute to the Museum’s mission of preserving history, honoring excellence, and connecting generations."

The painting will be part of the revolving of works on view in the “Art of Baseball” gallery or it will become part of the Dizzy Dean artifacts display, according to the Hall of Fame.

According to the Hall of Fame’s collections director, they have never seen or had another painted glove in the collection.

Dizzy at the Hall

References to Dizzy aren’t hard to find at Cooperstown. Besides the artifact display containing his Cardinals jersey, a photo pin and items from his teammates, even his cowboy hat from his broadcasting days is in the broadcast wing of the Museum.


A Home Run

I'm incredibly honored to have my art, my interest in the game and its history recognized by the Hall.

If the painting sparks interest in Dizzy, the era he played in or prompts conversations between generations of visitors to the Hall, then that's as good as a home run to me!

Many thanks to the folks at the Hall of Fame, to those who have encouraged and supported me, and those who enjoy the art I make!


Dizzy was painted in 2016 and has previously been a part of a group exhibit in North Carolina.


About the Artist


Sean Kane has been a professional artist for 25 years and began painting baseball-themed works in 2001.

His baseball art has been commissioned by organizations including the Philadelphia Phillies, Milwaukee Brewers Fantasy Camp and the Cal Ripken, Sr. Foundation.

Sean’s work is in the private collection of several Hall of Fame players, collectors across the U.S. and has been exhibited at the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum, Kansas City, and the Sherwin Miller Museum of Jewish Art, Tulsa.

Raised in the Chicago-area, his studio is now a long fly ball from Toronto.


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Baseball Glove Art Featuring Eddie Murray

First Base Mitt turned into Painting of Hall of Famer Eddie Murray


"Steady Eddie" portrayed with career stats and milestones on Wilson A2800 glove.

• This painted glove has been sold. - Inquire about commissioning a Painted Glove •

The detailed painting of Murray depicts him in his iconic batting stance, hat under helmet, wearing number 33 for the Baltimore Orioles.


He was a pivotal member of the 1983 Orioles team that became World Series Champions. Murray also played for the Dodgers, Mets, Indians and Angels.


Intricate hand-lettering highlights awards and stats from Murray's career.

The 1977 American League Rookie of the Year, Eddie Murray was also an 8-time All-Star and 3-time Gold Glove winner.

Murray is a member of the 3000 hits/500 home run club, with 3255 hits and 504 HRs along with 1917 RBIs in his career.


Eddie Murray was inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown in 2003.


The mitt is a Wilson A2800 Dual Hinge, Pro-Back model from the 1980s, about 11 inches by 10.5 inches.


It was a particularly difficult glove model to find, but worth the effort as it personally connects to Murray's time in the game.

Photo research suggests that he used this style of glove during his years in Baltimore and Los Angeles.


This Painted Glove of Murray was commissioned by an individual collector and sits displayed on a museum stand.


Similar kinds of baseball glove artworks can be custom-created for you -- on a glove you already own or one that is sourced specifically for a painting.

Questions and inquiries are welcomed. Contact via Email or by phone at 519-836.5647.


This Glove art is sold.

It's among nearly two-dozen painted gloves created over the years that have been collected into this portfolio book, "Sean Kane Baseball Art", Available HERE.

Sean Kane Baseball Art: Paintings of Ballpark Heroes on Classic Baseball Gloves

Sean Kane Baseball Art: Paintings of Ballpark Heroes on Classic Baseball Gloves

Interested in a baseball glove painting? I can create custom glove art.  Just Let Me Know.


Sean Kane's baseball glove art has been commissioned by the Philadelphia Phillies, is in the collection of The National Pastime Museum and Negro Leagues Baseball Museum and private collections across the country.  Sean was recognized as “Artist of the Month” by the National Art Museum of Sport.

Glove Art Features Don Larsen's Perfect Game in '56 World Series

60th Anniversary of Larsen's Gem Commemorated with Baseball Glove Painting


On October 8, 1956, in Game 5 of the World Series at Yankee Stadium, Don Larsen threw a Perfect Game against the Brooklyn Dodgers, winning 2-0.

At the time, it was the first Perfect Game thrown in 34 years.

It has been immortalized by the famous image of Yogi Berra jumping into Larsen's arms in celebration after the game.

I've created my own take on the significant event using two gloves, Don Larsen and Yogi Berra signature models.

The artwork features details of Mickey Mantle's home run and outfield catch, Yankee Stadium, the scoreboard as it appeared for the last pitch and Larsen throwing the first pitch.

This painting is in the collection of The National Pastime Museum and was unveiled on October 7, 2016, on the eve of the 60th Anniversary of the Perfect Game.

More details and images to come.

This Glove art is sold.

It's among nearly two-dozen painted gloves created over the years that have been collected into this portfolio book, "Sean Kane Baseball Art", Available HERE.


Sean Kane Baseball Art: Paintings of Ballpark Heroes on Classic Baseball Gloves

Sean Kane Baseball Art: Paintings of Ballpark Heroes on Classic Baseball Gloves

Interested in a baseball glove painting? I can create custom glove art.  Just Let Me Know.


Painted glove artwork by Sean Kane is in the collection of museums, private collections and has been commissioned by the Philadelphia Phillies and Milwaukee Brewers Fantasy Camp. His work has been recognized by the National Art Museum of Sport and featured on ESPN.com and MLB Network Radio.

Kansas City Baseball Icon Buck O'Neil

O'Neil Featured on Custom Baseball Glove Painting


Vintage 1940s firstbase mitt becomes canvas for painting highlighting career of Buck O'Neil.

Buck O'Neil was a Negro Leagues first baseman and manager of the Kansas City Monarchs from 1938 to 1956. He was the first black coach in Major League Baseball, joining the Chicago Cubs in 1962. Later he was a scout for the Kansas City Royals.


This painting of an elder Buck O'Neil was created for the offices of KC architecture firm Pendulum Studio, specializing in baseball stadium design.

(FYI, video has no sound.)

Buck O'Neil was a founder of the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum in Kansas City and became known for retelling stories from that era in Ken Burns' documentary, "Baseball."


O'Neil was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom and the Baseball Hall of Fame has recognized his impact on the game with a Lifetime Achievement Award named in his honor.

The baseball glove painting of Buck O'Neil is custom-framed in a diamond shape, a reference to the logo of the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum. This is a deep shadow box-style, wood frame with gold highlights on a cloth mat.


Of all the quotes I've painted on gloves, Buck's may be my favorite; "You Got to Give People Love."

For a special item displaying your affection for a local sports legend -- For a public office space or civic museum, corporate gifts or something for yourself -- I specialize in creating keepsakes that will spark memories of the game and engage viewers. Contact me to discuss the possibilities.

Baseball Glove Art featuring 'Bucketfoot' Al Simmons

Hall of Fame Slugger Simmons Portrayed on Vintage Glove


This painting of Aloysious Simmons, one of the best hitters of the live-ball era, has been acquired by The National Pastime Museum.

Simmons was part of the dominant Philadelphia Athletics teams that won the A.L pennant in 1929 and World Series in 1930 and 1931. He was a star outfielder for a total of seven teams from 1924-1944.


An antique baseball glove from the 1930s, similar in style to what Al Simmons wore in the outfield during that era, was used for this painting.


Simmons won the batting title in 1930, batting .381 and in 1931, batting .390. At the time of his induction into the Hall of Fame in 1953, he had the most hits by any A.L. right-handed batter in history with 2831.


Born in Milwaukee, Simmons went on to collect a .334 lifetime average with 2927 hits and 307 home runs. The position of his feet while batting earned him the nickname "Bucketfoot Al".

Sean Kane's baseball glove art has been featured on NBC Sports.com, ESPN.com, MLB Network Radio, and is in the collection of the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum and private collections across the country.  

Inquires about paintings and commissioning glove artworks are welcome. Please contact sean@seankane.com or telephone 519-836-5647.

Painting a Baseball Glove: Step-by-Step Look at the Portrait Process

A Peek at Where all the Hours Go

Photo by  DaviesPhoto.ca

This Painted Glove featuring Cecil Cooper was especially time-intensive, easily topping the 40 hour mark.


Completing this work included: researching the glove he used, finding an available glove, selecting which career highlights to feature, locating reference photos (one of which was supplied, thankfully), designing all of these elements around the landscape of the vintage Rawlings first base mitt, then getting down to painting and hand-lettering. Whew!


Here's a look at how it all came together using acrylic paints and some pretty tiny brushes.


First blocking in the areas to be painted.


Getting the iconic Brewers color scheme and placement worked out.


First strokes of the portrait, with accurate placement of features of primary concern at this stage.


Getting started on the hat details.


Finally getting there!


There was a second batting stance portrait added on the thumb.


Ready for the small lettering now.


What a career!


Cecil was very complimentary about how it turned out.


And one lucky Milwaukee Brewers Fantasy Camp participant got to take this keepsake home, signed by Coop.

Now back to the drawing board and the next painted glove...  Thanks for taking a look.


Autographed Johnny Bench Baseball Glove Art

One-of-a-kind Autographed Johnny Bench painting on vintage Catchers Mitt


Update: Johnny Bench added the final touch to the artwork -- his signature!

He admired the painting and autographed it backstage before an appearance in Cleveland, where the painting was exhibited at the National Sports Collectors Convention on August 3, 2014.

This painting has been SOLD.

If you’d like a custom painting featuring Johnny Bench, just let me know.

(Photo of glove before it was autographed.)

(Photo of glove before it was autographed.)

Johnny Bench portrait and Hall of Fame career stats on an autographed, signature model Rawlings catcher's glove. 


Johnny Bench adding autograph signature to glove portrait. 

Autograph detail above.

(Photo of glove before it was autographed.)

(Photo of glove before it was autographed.)


Career milestones are detailed in the glove web.

Back of glove with Rawlings label.

Glove is framed in 18 x 14 inch black wood frame with linen mat. Shadow box style with glove mounted in 1-inch deep frame, no glass. Hanging hardware is attached and it is ready for display.


Stay connected with your baseball memories and show your admiration for one of the game's greats.

  • Approximately 11" x 10" (25cm x 23cm)

  • Original acrylic painting on classic leather baseball glove from Bench's era

  • Hand-painted portrait and lettering highlights Bench's awards and career milestones

  • Handsomely framed in black wood with cloth mat, 18" x 14".


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Sean Kane's painted baseball glove art is on exhibit at the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum in Kansas City, has been the subject of a solo gallery show in New York City, and is in private collections across the U.S.

His glove paintings have been featured on ESPN.com, NBC Sports.com, and MLB Network Radio.

Sean has been a professional artist for 20 years and a baseball fan since he was old enough to wear his dad's old glove.  More info >

Yogi Berra Baseball Glove Painting


Keepsake Baseball Glove Painting featuring Yogi Berra 

This classic catcher's glove features a hand-painted portrait of Hall of Famer Yogi Berra.

[ Update: This one-of-a-kind Yogi Berra painted catcher's glove art has been sold.]

The baseball icon is depicted in his younger years with his All-Star, MVP and World Series Champion years carefully hand-lettered.


Lawrence Peter "Yogi" Berra played on a record 10 World Series Championship "Bronx Bombers" teams between 1947 and 1962. He was an All-Star each year from 1948 to 1962. And Yogi was AL MVP in 1951, 1954 and 1955.


Besides catcher, Yogi played outfield and was a manager of the New York Yankees and New York Mets.

Yogi was elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame in 1972.


The catchers glove is painted with archival-quality acrylic paints and sealed with a protective varnish.


Fitting for a man known for his famous quotes, this Yogi Berra glove art is sure to be a conversation starter for the baseball fan displaying it in their home or office.






This one-of-a-kind Yogi Berra painted catcher's glove art has been sold.

Questions and inquiries about an entirely new, unique Yogi Berra glove painting are welcomed. Contact via email or by phone at 519-836-5647.