Baseball Glove Art Presented to Catcher Carlos Ruiz

Ex-Phillies Catcher Honored by Team for 1000th Game Milestone


Carlos Ruiz or "Chooch", as he is known, was presented this one-of-a-kind painted glove artwork by the Philadelphia Phillies in a private ceremony earlier this month.

The artwork includes a portrait and hand-lettered career highlights.


The team wanted the artwork to reflect Ruiz's dedication to the game, including being part of the 2008 World Championship and 2009 NL Championship teams.

Ruiz was recently traded to the Los Angeles Dodgers after an 11-year career with the Phillies.

Ruiz has the distinction of being on the receiving end of four no-hitters, including a Perfect Game in 2010.

A big thanks to the Phillies' front office for commissioning this special gift. (and one for Ryan Howard, too.)

Sean Kane's painted baseball glove art is in the permanent collection of the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum in Kansas City, The National Pastime Museum and in private collections across the U.S.

His glove paintings have been featured on, NBC, and MLB Network Radio and his work has been recognized by the National Art Museum of Sport.

Sean has been a professional artist for over 20 years and a baseball fan since he was old enough to wear his dad's old glove.