About Painted Glove Art and Sean Kane


Unique Baseball Glove Artwork evokes powerful memories for the true fan -- of their first glove, of their first game, of their favorite players.

The paintings become a reflection of one's own baseball passion that can be shared across generations.

Sean Kane's artwork embraces the unique character of classic gloves, layering in portraits, graphics and color for a whole new kind of baseball keepsake.




I source vintage baseball gloves and research baseball's rich history as I design and create each Painted Glove.

My baseball glove art is in the collection of the National Baseball Hall of Fame & Museum, Cooperstown, and the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum, Kansas City.

Painted Gloves have been commissioned by the Philadelphia Phillies, Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital, and featured as fundraising items for the Milwaukee Brewers Fantasy Camp, the Cal Ripken Sr. Foundation and the Richie Ashburn/Harry Kalas Foundation. Paintings are in the private collections of Hall of Fame ball players and baseball fans across the U.S.

Painted Gloves have been exhibited in the 'Chasing Dreams' exhibit at the Sherwin Miller Museum of Jewish Art, Tulsa, and at West Virginia University. They’ve been subject of a solo show at Bergino Baseball Clubhouse, New York City, and even displayed in the Visitors' Clubhouse at Milwaukee Brewers' Miller Park.

ESPN.com, NBC Sports.com and MLB Network Radio have featured my baseball glove artwork. I was named 'Artist of the Month' by the National Art Museum of Sport in January 2016.

I've been a professional artist for 25 years, creating illustrations for some big hitters in the publishing and corporate worlds including The New York Times, Amazon.com, The Wall Street Journal, Charles Schwab, and Target Stores, among others.

I'm a Chicago-area native now residing near Toronto with my wife and two Little Leaguers.

More News from the Studio can be found in current and past issues of my newsletter, the "Dugout Dispatch".


"Hearing how painted gloves impact lives of those who collect them and see them makes me even more passionate about creating them. It's a special privilege to make something that will be given as a 40th birthday gift, a special award for a player, or handed down to grandchildren."

Johnny Bench signs Painted Glove featuring his Hall of Fame career.

Johnny Bench signs Painted Glove featuring his Hall of Fame career.

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