Frequently Asked Questions


Where do you get the gloves? (Longer answer here.)

Primarily from specialty sports antiques dealers. I keep dozens of gloves in stock, ready to be incorporated into the next artwork and I am always researching and seeking appropriate era gloves. Collectors also send me their own gloves to be painted.


How much does it cost to commission a Painted Glove?

Pricing for custom-orders typically range from $4000 and up. A number of factors are considered, including number of portraits and sizes, complexity of design, sourcing appropriate glove, if the glove is being framed, etc.

The best way to find out exact pricing would be to contact me describing who you would like depicted on a glove any any specific requests.

All pricing includes free shipping and no sales tax for US deliveries. Paintings arrive in an archival museum box with a display stand.


What is the first step in the commission process?

Contact me via this form or by email or phone (tel 519-836-5647). Then we can discuss what you'd like to have painted and can quickly determine what is needed, factors to consider for the final artwork, pricing and delivery dates.

How long does it take to paint a glove?


Depending on complexity, creation usually takes 120-150 hours. This includes sourcing an appropriate glove, researching player images, biographical info, statistics, visual elements including uniforms and logos and typefaces, sketching designs and then finally painting the portraits and lettering details.

Completion time for delivering a painting is typically six weeks once production time has been scheduled.


How do you ship the glove artwork?

By insured, FREE standard shipping. Painted Gloves are carefully packed to help ensure they'll be delivered undamaged.

Here is video of Baseball Glove Art being opened from shipping box.


I'm buying this artwork as a gift. Do you include a card with a message?

Yes, I can include your message on a handsome card and arrives in an archival gift box.


Do the gloves come with a pedestal or frame or display case?

Museum Display Stand example

Museum Display Stand example

Glove artwork comes in an archival box suitable for gift-giving. See video above or here.

Each glove painting arrives with a black wooden easel display stand or museum "spider" stand, depending on the glove style.

Some available gloves are framed (see descriptions) and framing is an additional option for custom commissions.


What kind of paint do you use?

I use only the highest grade professional artist quality acrylic paints in the creation of Painted Glove Collectibles.

After a few decades experience, I've chosen Golden Acrylics and Liquitex Professional Acrylic Artist  Colors as my medium of choice. The consistent color and durability of  these paints holds up to the demands of exacting color mixing and  detailed brushwork on the glove.  These paints were selected for their  compatibility with painting on leather and long lasting quality.

Additionally, I've used Golden Artist Colors Polymer Matte Varnish to protect the painted portions of this glove artwork. This varnish incorporates a system of Ultraviolet filters and Light Stabilizers (UVLS) to shields the artwork from UV damage.


Do you guarantee your work or have a return policy?

I am committed to delivering quality, one-of-a-kind art with satisfaction 100% guaranteed. If there is an issue with a painting within 7 days from the date it was delivered that we just can't remedy for some reason, I will issue you a full, no hassle refund. If it should be necessary to issue a refund, it would be upon receiving the returned baseball glove painting in its original condition, undamaged. Custom commissioned baseball glove paintings are client-approved prior to delivery and deposits paid are non-refundable.


Any questions I haven't answered? Let me know! 

Please contact me via email or by phone at 519-836-5647.