Testimonials & Other Kind Words


"Loving the unique baseball art on classic gloves being produced by Sean Kane. Very, very cool."

Dan Evans, Former L.A. Dodgers' General Manager


"I have been involved in baseball for many years and I can say without reservation that Sean's baseball glove artwork displays the history of our great game in a unique, creative and beautiful way.

Sean's gloves are a must see for every baseball fan."

Bill Schroeder, Milwaukee Brewers TV announcer and former big league catcher


"I had the truly special opportunity of working with Sean on a piece commissioned for my husband's 40th birthday. Sean is not only a true artist based on what he sketched and ultimately designed, but he is also the consummate business man as he made all parts of the transaction easy and seamless. I would not hesitate to do business with Sean again and I look forward to seeing more of the pieces he designs."

Melissa M., Minnesota, Commissioned custom Painted Glove


"Sean Kane buys up vintage baseball gloves and paints museum-quality baseball artwork on them, creating magnificent keepsakes that stand alone in the sports marketplace. 

Kane's attention to detail comes through in every little brushstroke. First-rate!"

Paul Lukas, ESPN.com. Listed Number 1 on ESPN.com Holiday Gift Guide


"Thrilled to unveil an original piece from artist Sean Kane as part of our new Negro Leagues Beisbol exhibit! Outstanding!" 

"His work is amazing!"

Bob Kendrick, President, Negro Leagues Baseball Museum


"Just opened the Munson glove.....an incredible piece of baseball folk art !!! I can’t express the joy I feel looking at this special creation.

Thank you so much for your hard work and care in the Munson glove."

Andrew M., Commissioned Thurman Munson artwork


"The glove arrived yesterday in perfect condition. I am very, very satisfied with your work, and I had a blast showing it to my kids last night!"

Hank C., Tampa Bay Rays fan from Virginia, 
Commissioned 'Game 162' Painted Glove


"Wow, this glove looks amazing!!!  Clemente looks so real on the glove.  Great work!  What a glove.  Wow.  Just WOW!!!  Thanks again for working on this."

Geoff K., West Virginia, Commissioned Roberto Clemente Painted Glove


"Must see: Baseball glove art via Sean Kane."

Sports Collectors Daily


"I cannot say enough times how amazing I think your work is, and how unique and creative."

   Dan G., St. Louis, Collector of Stan Musial Baseball Glove Art


"Sean Kane takes vintage baseball gloves and paints the most wonderful things on them. They are certainly unique, cool and smart too."

Craig Calcaterra, 'Hardball Talk', NBC Sports.com


"Sean, I absolutely love it. Thanks again, you made my day. Highlight of my collection."

Robert K., Chicago, Collector of Nellie Fox Baseball Glove Art