Custom Painted Glove Art


Customized, one-of-a-kind Painted Gloves for you, your organization, and as unbeatable, memorable gifts for the baseball fan in your life.

Custom Painted Gloves are perfect for collectors wanting to show their passion for the game, a player, or a team in a unique way and for big fans celebrating a special birthday or life event.

Painted Gloves are also a great fit for ball players commemorating their career or a milestone, teams thanking top sponsors and ticket holders, as awards, fundraising incentives, and more.

I can depict favorite players, mascots, logos, even someone on a fantasy camp team -- you name it.

These are special baseball keepsakes that will be enjoyed for years to come.


Custom Painted Gloves Made to Order

I’m very comfortable and accustomed to working to client specifications and deadlines -- from Hall of Famers and MLB teams to individual collectors and gift-buyers -- and I'll be able to quote a price once the custom details are known.

  • Pricing includes: Research and Glove purchase, custom design of baseball-themed graphics, photo reference and biographic research, hand-lettering and hand-painted realistic portrait(s), all of which is in the region of 120-150 hours per glove painting

  • Gloves arrive in a museum archival box with display stand. See unboxing video here.

  • Free shipping and No sales tax for US deliveries. Framing or glass display case is available at additional cost plus shipping fees.

RESERVE Your Painted Glove Today. Submit inquiry, email or call 519-836-5647.

The Commission Process


1. Submit Inquiry

Share what you'd like to see on a glove. Submit an inquiry now or email .

2. Quote and Timing

I'll determine pricing and delivery possibilities.

3. Deposit

A 50% down payment via credit card/PayPal will get the painting in schedule.

4. Glove Time

I'll research and share appropriate glove options.

5. Sketch Design

You'll receive a design of plans for the painting to approve before painting begins.

6. Final Review

You'll see the completed painting before it ships out.

7. Delivery

Your Painted Glove arrives ready to give or display. Final payment due upon delivery.


Prices typically range from $4000 and up for a museum-quality custom-design Painted Glove. Pricing depends upon a number of factors including:

  • size and number of realistic, hand-painted portraits

  • design complexity, including creation of logo graphics and player photo research

  • amount of hand-lettering of player info & statistical details

  • and rarity of vintage glove, search time and work required to repair and prep glove for artwork

RESERVE Your Painted Glove Today. Submit inquiry, email or call 519-836-5647.


Baseball Art for You, as a Gift, or for your Event

Let’s make this a great, personalized experience. 

Baseball Glove Art on Museum Display

Baseball Glove Art on Museum Display

Painted Glove artworks include:

  • Handsome personalized message

  • Museum Archival Gift Box

  • Display stand

  • Standard Delivery is FREE and NO sales tax for U.S. deliveries

Click to see video of Painted Glove being unpacked from delivery box.


Delivery time for a custom painted glove is approximately six weeks once it has been scheduled. (Current delivery schedule is subject to change. Please contact for availability.)

All deadlines will be specified in the order confirmation.

On time delivery and satisfaction is guaranteed.



Any questions about Custom Painted Glove artwork? Let me know! Lots of answers on the FAQ page, too. And see what others have said about my Painted Gloves.

Please contact me via email or by phone at 519-836-5647.

RESERVE Your Painted Glove Today. Submit inquiry, email or call 519-836-5647.