Greeting Card featuring photo of Shoeless Joe Jackson Painted Glove


Shoeless Joe Jackson Painted Glove Greeting Card

Photo of Hand-painted baseball glove by artist Sean Kane.

Perfect for sending hand-written notes, displaying on a bookshelf and giving as gifts.

  • Single greeting card | $4.00 + $1.25 shipping | $5.25

  • Pack of 6 greeting cards (same design) | $20 + $5 shipping | $25

  • 4.1" x 5.8" inches (folded size)

  • Blank inside, logo on back

  • Printed in USA on 17pt satin finish card stock

  • Packaged in clear cello sleeve with matching white envelope

  • Shipped in a rigid flat mailer

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Sean Kane's baseball glove art is in the collection of the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum. His work has been commissioned by the Philadelphia Phillies, the Cal Ripken Sr. Foundation and members of the Baseball Hall of Fame.

Inquires about paintings and commissioning glove artworks are welcome. Please contact or telephone 519-836-5647.